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Intern III, Technical more...
Location:Sunnyvale, CA
First posted:June 07, 2017

Research Intern - Knowledge Graph

A Little About Us

Every day, Yahoo serves millions of users with the information they need, continuously rethinking Search Assistance and Content Discovery.

Within Yahoo, the Knowledge Graph team is responsible for building and serving the Yahoo Knowledge Graph: a rich unified  knowledge base of millions of interconnected entities and billions of facts that powers knowledge-based services at Yahoo.

As a team of scientists and engineers, we develop the core science, scalable technologies, and end-to-end data solutions for extracting, integrating, enriching, and searching information about entities. Our work is innovative and impacts millions of users everyday.

A Lot About You

As a research intern, you will integrate the group and solve Web scale, real-world, computer science problems in the field of Information Extraction, Knowledge Management, or Information Retrieval.

Leveraging your creativity, scientific knowledge, hands-on technical skills, and relevant data, you will be in charge of creating and evaluating novel solutions to problems such as information extraction on the Web, quality assurance in knowledge bases, entity de-duplication and fusion across knowledge bases, entity type classification, or entity recommendation and summarization.

Your research will involve machine learning, graph and/or Web mining, and large-scale data processing. You will be encouraged to stay abreast of novel work and seek patents and publish work when appropriate.

You will understand goals and constraints; communicate effectively with partners; think abstractly to correlate problems, methodologies, and solutions; and be comfortable working in a fast environment.

Your Day

Research challenging problems and deliver innovative solutions:

  • Scope and formulate ill-defined problems, propose metrics to measure issues / results
  • Review existing approaches, explore new ones, make appropriate recommendations
  • Prototype and evaluate solutions based on agreed-upon metrics
  • Deliver effective and measurable end-to-end solutions
  • Communicate effectively with partners and publish results

Must Have

  • Demonstrated knowledge in machine learning, data mining, computer science, or related field
  • Experience in information extraction, knowledge management, or information retrieval
  • Hands-on software engineering skills and ability to execute independently
  • Passion for data and knowledge bases
  • Good communication skills

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